05 Knife Gate Valves

PN10 (DN50 – DN300)  
PN8 (DN350 – DN400)  
PN6 (DN500 – DN600)


Product features:

  • Flange connection acc. to DIN EN 1092-2 PN10 (equivalent to DIN 2501 PN10)
  • Face to face dimension acc. to DIN EN 558, basic series 20 (equivalent to DIN 3202-3 series K1)
  • Sealing on both sides, with continuous interior pipe bottom, for mounting between flanges and suitable for end-of-line installation without additional counter-flange
  • Continuous position indicator OPEN-CLOSED; with integrated lubricator, depending on version
  • Integrated protection against accidental contact DN 50-300
  • As from DN 350 with stud bolts, protection against accidental contact optional

Materials (basic version):

  • Casted parts of ductile cast iron acc. to EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG-40)
  • Plate material no.: 1.4301
  • Spindle material no.: 1.4057
  • Bolts and nuts A2
  • Enclosed sealing element made of elastomer (NBR)
  • Surface protection inside and outside by means of fusion bonded epoxy powder coating blue, RAL 5015 (average dry film thickness >250μm)
  • For liquids up to max. +70°C with max. operating and differential pressure of 10 bar
  • Mounting brackets material no.: 1.4301

Other materials as well as accessories on request


Fields of application:

Raw water, energy and industrial management
e.g. for waste water technology for raw water, digested sludge, waste water and air

Chemical industry
e.g. for chemically polluted waste water, etc.

Food industry and breweries
e.g. for washing and rinsing plants, conveyor plants, etc.

Biogas plants
e.g. for sludges, waste water, etc.

Further possibilities of application on request